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Commencez Dès Aujourd'hui votre Programmes de diplôme en Informatique et dans d'autre sector  à  Accra au Ghana.


Customer Service

Diploma in Customer Service

Customer Service professionals are creative problem-solvers, customer genies and the face of the organization. Gain insights to land a job in this rich and rewarding career path.

Project Management

Diploma in Project Management

A great project manager finds and fixes problems standing in the way of that staircase to success. Taking it step by step, understanding people, priorities, and process, is key to keeping your project on the right track.

HR( Human Resources 

Diploma in Human Resources

Bring together different management styles, cultures, and corporate policies, and uplift your company's operations by empowering your teams. Build the knowledge, learn the skills and gain the abilities that are critical for a successful career in HR.

Business Management & Entrepreneurship

Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship

Starting your own business and being your own boss is a dream that millions of people share. With a pinch of passion, loads of dedication and a flair for innovation, your entrepreneur dream can become a 


Health and Safety

Diploma in Health and Safety

Global health issues continue to adversely affect millions of people around the world and Hope Life Institute's Diploma in Health Studies course will give you a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of important global health-related subjects and their impacts on both individuals and communities.

The course then explores issues around health and human development such as motor, social, emotional, language and many other important aspects of development. You will learn how development is measured and be able to identify the environmental and inherited factors affecting health.

Journalism and Media

Diploma in Journalism and media

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